Why Choose Mismatched Dresses for Bridesmaids? – SposaDresses

Posted on by Jane Wang

If you are not aware, the modern concept of wearing mismatched dresses for bridesmaids has exploded. Why has this fascinating trend taken hold? You will definitely ask yourself such a question. People have different tastes and preferences. Additionally, we all have varying body types. It is important to give bridesmaids the freedom to choose a style that makes them feel great with oozing confidence. Imagine being a bridesmaid at a wedding where it is mandatory to wear a short dress but you have little confidence with your hairy legs? The following are the top reasons why you should choose mismatched dresses for bridesmaids.

People have different body types and skin color

You have tried different types of clothes varying in color, size, texture, and design; you know what works best for you. People should be allowed to exercise their freedom of expression. You should not force your bridesmaids to wear one style dress. You want people to feel their best in your wedding so give them the opportunity to wear what blends well with their body types.

Good for individual budget

You don’t want to spend all your lifetime earnings on a single dress. You should keep in mind that people have different financial capabilities and plans for their hard earned cash. How do you make it compulsory for a bridesmaid to wear a $500 dress when they are struggling financially? On this special day, a bridesmaid should be allowed to spend any amount of money on a dress as long as it’s presentable.

Beauty in diversity

Have you ever wondered what makes nature mind-blowing? Birds, rocks, trees, wind, and the sky are amazing to gaze upon because they have different features. If you attend a wedding where bridesmaids have worn differently, you will find it interesting to see how they express their creativity and confidence. Allowing for different dress styles creates an aspect of competition among bridesmaids to see who comes up with an outstanding style. It is a healthy competition because it adds elegance to the event.