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Posted on by Jane Wang

7 Styles of Rose Gold Bridesmaid Dresses to go with Your Rose Gold Wedding Theme

Rose gold is one of the best colors for a wedding theme. It’s romantic and elegant while still fun and glamourous. Rose gold reminds us of champagne, luxury, and love – all perfect elements to bring to a wedding. We really love rose gold as a wedding color because it’s so versatile and goes with any season!

 Once you’ve decided on a rose gold wedding theme, you’re going to need the perfect rose gold bridesmaid dresses and that’s where SposaDresses comes in! We’re your spot for thousands of gorgeous and cheap bridesmaid dresses.

Take a look at some of our favorite rose gold bridesmaid dresses:

 Style 1 – Mermaid Sequin Dresses

rose gold sequin bridesmaid dresses

These dresses look like bottles of champagne come to life! Mermaid sequin dresses are flattering for any body type and we here at SposaDresses are more than happy to do custom sizes if you or one of your girls needs it.

Style 2 – Custom Sparkly Mismatched Dresses

Mismatched dresses are a great way for your bridesmaids to show off their individual personalities. They also allow for each bridesmaid to choose the dress that best fits their body shape and skin tone. This style of rose gold bridesmaid dress has five flattering designs with a mix of full sequin dresses and sequin/chiffon.

 mismatched bridesmaid dresses

Style 3 – Mermaid V-Neck Sequin Gown

V neck mermaid bridesmaid dresses

These gowns will have your bridesmaids looking like a walking party. The deep V-neck adds a bit of sex appeal to the dress without being inappropriate and the wide shoulders give it a unique shape. Don’t worry – even though your girls will be stunning in these gowns, they’ll never outshine the bride!

Style 4 – Strapless Sequin Dress

rose god sequin bridesmaid dress

This style of rose gold bridesmaid dress is a bit on the lighter side so it would be perfect for a spring or summertime wedding! The strapless design is flirty and polished while the slight mermaid flare at the bottom of the gown bring an element of fun

Style 5 – Mismatched Strap/Strapless Sequin Dresses

gold sequin bridesmaid dresses

This combination of rose gold bridesmaid dresses is perfect if you have a few girls in your party that are a bit more conservative than the others. Each bridesmaid will have a floor-length sequin gown but will be able to choose: straps or no straps?

Style 6 – One Strap, Two Straps, or No Straps

sequin bridesmaid dresses

There’s something for everyone with this option! Switching up the style of your bridesmaid straps can be just what you need to create some dynamic in your photos. From the waist down, these rose gold sequin dresses are the same. From the waist up, your girls can pick one of three strap styles!


Style 7 – Mismatched Sleeves Vs. Straps

gold sequin bridesmaid dresses

This gorgeous style of bridesmaid dresses has it all! One option for strapless, one for spaghetti strap, one shoulder strap, and a conservative sleeved option. Although they’ll each have a different rose gold bridesmaid dress, your girls will all look stunning in these complementary styles!


Don’t break the bank when it comes to your rose gold bridesmaid dresses. SposaDresses has the cheap bridesmaid dresses that you’re looking for and your girls will love to wear!